About us

Homemakers were founded benefiting from our personal experience in a domain all of us know very well – housekeeping and household chores.

Our task is to help with anything in your household that you choose. Our services are also available for small and medium businesses.
Our motto is: Homemakers – household as neat as it can get.
Apart from cleaning, our services also include
for households: babysitting and tutoring, ironing, cooking, errands, household tax counselling, organizing of weddings, children's parties and other services that make your household management easier.
for businesses: baby sitting in your place of work, provision of a day care center and help with requesting of subsidies for its operation, tax counselling, provision of business fun days, sporting events and team-building activities.
You can always expect the best quality and reliability of our services. With us you can allow yourself to focus on other task, enjoy your hobbies or simply sit back and relax a little.
Because of high fluctuation of work force in this sector, we motivate our employees with higher earnings and possibility of attending our training programs. This is helping us to prevent changing of homemakers in your household or office.
We can create your own set of services according to your needs or you can simply choose from the selection of our regular services.

Naturally, our company has a valid errors and omissions insurance.

Homemakers operate in Prague and its outskirts and also in Plzen, Hradec Kralove and Ceske Budejovice.

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